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Thursday, June 08, 2006

CD 7 convention this weekend

I'm headed up to Fergus Falls for the weekend, the Independence Party CD 7 convention is Saturday morning at the local YMCA. As you may know the Independence Party has never had much organization outside of the Twin Cities Metro Area. Of course we have never had a major candidate from the 7th district in the past either, but that has changed as US Senate candidates Robert Fitzgerald and Jim Haviland are both from the district. Speaking to Robert it sounds like he will bring a lot of supporters to the convention, so we may have a turnout that rivals our success in the 5th district last month.

The convention will also be Pam Ellison’s first chance to talk to delegates as she just jumped into the IP race for Governor. I expect she will be the kind of candidate I can get behind on the issues, but she is going to have to clearly define how she wins the race in November without anywhere near the financial support that Peter Hutchinson has at this point. I have yet to get confirmation Jim Haviland will be on hand, but I'm hoping to get a chance to hear him speak once again as we are just two weeks away from endorsement.

Saturday night Robert Fitzgerald is having a campaign event at the Fergus Falls summerfest parade, with Gus the Big Red Bus and several supporters helping get the message out that we do have a great alternative’s to the big media candidates in this US Senate race. Robert has done an excellent job getting his campaign launched in the 7th as he continues to focus most of his energy on June 24th and the endorsement. It will be great to see his campaign build state wide should he receive the endorsement.


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