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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Great news for Peter Hutchinson

Sue Jeffers has announced she will run as a Republican in the primary. A lot of the angry Republicans may go back to Pawlenty after Jeffers loses the primary. That being said, Peter Hutchinson will be the only viable candidate to those who no longer support Pawlenty because he no longer can be considered a fiscal conservative. After doing everything in his power to give away a billion tax payer dollars for sports it is no longer clear what Pawlenty's fiscal views are.

My last monthly prediction did not include Jeffers as at the time this was a strong possibility she would go this route, but I'm a little surprised she isn't willing to run with the party that supports her. While Pawlenty may benefit in November not having Jeffers on the ballot he will be hurt by this as he will have to make sure he gets through the primary and will not be able to focus exclusively on the Democrat and Peter Hutchinson.


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