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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Convention month

We have the Republicans starting there convention today, followed by the Democrats next week and the Independence Party on the 24th. It looks like there will be no excitement out of the Republican convention as the only multi candidate race where we will see any split is the Governors race, where Sue Jeffers might be able to gain the support of a couple hundred of the 4,000 on hand.

The Democrats will answer the big question with their endorsement for governor. It might be that Lourey and Kelley are making a lot of noise and the reality is Hatch has it wrapped up, but chances are it will take more then one ballot. There are a couple of other minor battles, but no suprises are expected

The Independence party convention to an outside observer is closer to the formality of the Republican convention then anything else. It's still tough to say with certainty what will happen in the US Senate race, but again to the outside observer that’s not a major concern at this point. The big news will happen prior to the convention when we find out who is running for Secretary of State Attorney General Auditor and Litenet Governor. Those offices don't get to many people excited, but the quality of candidate will hopefully build on the credibility we have with Peter Hutchinson and Tammy Lee, as well as the credibility we hope to build with John Binkowski and our candidate for US Senate.


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