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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Instant run off voting

A minor victory on the path to major victories was made in Minneapolis for instant run off voting (IRV). The Minneapolis City Council voted 11-1 to put IRV on the November ballot. I am more a fan of the effect IRV has on 1st votes then the process of elimination that it creates, but it still is a much better system then our current system in multi candidate races. While this vote only effects city elections you can still expect the partisans and intrest groups to fight it as they don't want the public to get to like the system, and push for it on the state level

This could potentially have a meaningful effect on the 5th congressional race although at this point it is hard to say what that would be. In any event I have a tough time seeing the voters of Minneapolis reject this so we may have our first glimpse of IRV voting in Minnesota soon.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

All I can say is I have never heard of anything more stupid in my whole life. Like any conservative is going to rank Pawlenty their first choice for Governor and Lourey their second choice. And no liberal is going to do the opposite. That's what's wrong with you people in the middle -- you don't stand for anything.


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