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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I hate this stuff

Ron Ohmann of the St. Cloud times choose to editorialize with his token mention of John Binkowski in an article on the CD 6 race.

With all due respect to Independence Party's John Binkowski, the voters' pick Nov. 7 will likely be either the DFL's Patty Wetterling of St. Joseph or the GOP's Michele Bachmann of Stillwater.

That sort of comment is perfectly fine if the writer tells us a little something about Binkowski before slapping him in the face. At least Ohmann lead off the article with the Binkowski mention, I don't want to read anything into that, but it makes me wonder a little what Ohmann is seeing or hearing.

While this is an annoying thing to read, it is the sort of think that a minor campaign can use in becoming a major campaign. Lets hope Binkowski and his supporters show Ohmann and the rest of the district that there is something behind his campaign.


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