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Thursday, May 18, 2006

May predictions

With major party endorsements out of the way in the 5th and 6th CD I'll start a little early on my May predictions.

In the 6th CD the Endorsed candidates are Patty Wetterling DFL, John Binkowski IP, and Michel Bachman GOP. As we all know this district leans Republican. This year the Republican delegates really took past history to heart and nominated a candidate from the extream right on both fiscal and social issues in Michele Bachmann. The Democrats for the 2nd consecutive election nominated the well respected Patty Wetterling, and the Independence party nominated a young newcomer in John Binkowski.

While Bachman is probably a little to far to the left even for this district she should do fine, Wetterling was a great challanger the first time two years ago, however she was exposed as a political novice and will likely go down from her 2004 results. The Independence Party re-enters this race for the first time since 2002 when Dan Becker recived 7.48% of the vote, Binkowski appears to be a candidate of similar status to Becker and should be equally competitive.

I'm moving a little from my April prediction as Wetterling is not gaining momentum out of her Endorsement.

My prediction for May

Bachmann 52%, Wetterling 38%, Binkowski 10%. The larger the seperation between Bachmann and Wetterling the more voters will consider Binkowski.


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