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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Media equality?

In my comments section Chris suggested I was unrealistic expecting equal coverage to the two other major parties.

I would now like to recreate my prior post had I been asking for equal treatment to the two other major parties.

The casual observer assumes the media does a good job covering politics among other things. But when they don't write articles on the Independence Party presence in the 5th CD race following Sabos retirement announcement, don't write articles leading up to the Independence party conventionspeculating on what might happen, don't send reporters to the convention for their newscasts, and don't immediately have articles on the endorsement of Tammy Lee they are not doing a good job. When they write an article on the CD 6 DFL convention, and don't talk about John Binkowski's prospects for victory they are not doing a good job covering politics. When there is of yet not dozens of articles including US Senate candidate Robert Fitzgerald that is not a good job of covering politics in Minnesota.

As I said in the comments I don't expect equal coverage, I do expect informative and fair coverage. If they simply include John Binkowskis presence in the race as an IP endorsed candidate those that care to learn more can Google him, those that don't have only wasted two seconds of their life becoming slightly more informed voters.


Blogger Ian said...

I agree with what you are saying to a degree. But I also wonder about what those campaigns are doing to get noticed. Granted, Hutchinson's campaign had some good initial publicity action, but I am left wondering:

I know the Independence Party(IP) has limited funds due to their admirable ideal of not recieving funds from special interest groups. But this makes the need for focusing on the least expensive publicity the most necessary. So by that token, what are the least expensive options? Blogs, call-in radio talk shows, and news media. All of these are for the most part free. Why the IP doesn't focus much effort on these avenues, I don't know.

Additionally, there is rarely anything new on their websites, nor frequent news and updates to their community of supporters. How many bumper stickers have you seen? How many articles in the newspaper. How many calls have you heard to local political talk shows from supporters to bring greater awareness to the parties views and differences from the other parties.

I must say that Fitzgerald does a better job of updating his blog and has brilliantly utilized MySpace to reach out across that group of potential voters. That is important. It makes him more accessable and human. But again, bumperstickers would be helpful for notice. Relatively cheap, very noticable.

All-in-all, I am a supporter of the IP and its ideals, but I am losing momentum for support by not seeing that momentum reflected anywhere else.

So the media has done a crappy job, but once that is accepted, the IP has to move on and take care of themselves or make sure to get noticed.

Having all of the right answers is fantastic, but if no one is asking you...

Blogger mike said...

Thanks for the constructive critisism Ian. A couple things, first of all it is May. We are hearing next to nothing out of Bachmann Wetterling Ellison Pawlenty Hatch Kennedy and Klobachar at this point.

As for calling a political talk show, if they let you on the air they will cut you off pretty quick with rare exception. Most talk radio programs center around political conflict and couldn't care less about solutions, that is the nature of there business.

As for the Hutchinson campaign they with the party are working to get 2000 people at our state convention at Midway stadium. The site was choosed specifically to draw exposure and it has already began to pay off.

I wish the web site would be updated every other day, but onfortanatly we do not have capable committed people that are available 24/7 to make the up to the moment updates. The party has a great web team, but these are busy people.


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