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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The real price of gas

Would you work 3 hours so you could drive to Duluth and back? If your making a minimal wage of $10-12 an hour you have to make that decision. While gas prices are now rising past the rate of inflation it has lagged behind inflation for sevral years. I'm of the belief that gas is a heck of a deal at the current price, try walking from Fridley to downtown Minneapolis, even a bike will take you over an hour. Walk a quarter mile to the nearest bus stop and wait for the next bus to show up and then pay the same dollar you would spend on gas.

We should think of ways to use less gas, or alternitive fuels, riding the bus or light rail if the schedule works for you is a great idea, but we should have been thinking about those sorts of things a couple years ago when gas was a buck fifty as well. This constant whine from the local news anchors every other day and pandering by politicians like Mark Kennedy is embarrassing.

Gas is a heck of a deal, we don't need to shift taxes to artifically alter the price, we simply need to take one less trip every once in a while, or work an hour overtime once a month. And if you make $80,000 a year all you need to do is shut up.


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