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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

CD 5 convention review

First off the good news, the delegate count rivaled Independence Party State Convention I've been too, Peter Hutchinson and Robert Fitzgerald both delivered there best speeches I've seen thus far, and Tammy Lee really provides the party with the kind of candidate to give the voters of the 5th district a real choice, unfortanatly Bill Mateikis dropped out of the race at the last moment eliminating any drama or competition.

Now the bad news no reporters in the crowd. It sucks that when you really nail a convention and give the media what they demand out of you they don't even bother to send a reporter a couple miles to cover it.

Got another chance to spend a couple post convention hours with Robert Fitzgerald, wrote his campaign a check and drove around with Robert and another delegate for about an hour trying to find a place to eat only to end up at Taco Bell, which wasn't so bad because it's good for the wallet, and they provide free forks.

Robert convinced me to head to the CD 3 convention tomorrow, so while the convention probably will be rather dull compared to tonight the post conventions random shenanigans should be great once again.

Random thought of the night, at what point does a Gymnasium have enough basketball hoops? This was a small gym and there were 10 backboards.


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