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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Tigers 17 Twins 1

After last nights 9-0 loss, and this afternoons 17-1 deficit along with the overall bad start it's time for a long overdue change.

It's time to fire Ron Gardenhire. He took a Tom Kelly ballclub to the playoffs three years, but it has been clear all along this guy has nothing going for him. He came in saying he would have his players swing for the fences. Unfortanatly they are doing that with no results whatsoever despite being given more power then any team in the last ten years or so.

We sign a .300 hitter in Rondell White and he gets off to a bad start, but has slowly come around and what does Gardenhire do? He benches him so Lew Ford and a never was 40 year old can get in the lineup? He has no clue how to use the bunt the hit and run or when to send a runner. He can't teach these guys to hit, and he couldn't care less if his players hustle.

This team might not be good enough to win the division, but come on they do have some talent on the roster.


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