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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

76-55 Twins stadium bill passes

Twins stadium passes House

At least my Representitve Connie Bernardy voted against it.

Vikings are next. The margain of the vote leaves little doubt we the tax payers will have a bill of more then a billion dollars for sports stadiums. Now when the next community is met with the everyone else is doing it argument they can include Minnesota.

10 years of true leadership in St Paul thrown away. Our last two governors races should have made the voters stance on this issue pretty damn clear.


Blogger stopleftwingnuts@gmail.com said...

It is a sad day in Minnesota when the House of representatives decides we are not capable of deciding weather or not we want a baseball team or if we want to fund a stadium. I wonder if the people who don't live in Hennepin County will thank the house for allowing a tax to be passed without a referendum? I am shocked that in an election year the house would do this. But I guess it is only the tax payers in Hennepin county that are effected and they don't vote for everyone that took this away from them. It is unfair that the voters in Hennepin county can not have a direct effect on their political future. It is easy to impose a tax on people that can’t fire you. I suggest that everyone in Hennepin county to give money and or time to everyone running against the people that voted against the referendum. I have always been against a stadium but if 51% of the people in Hennepin county are for it then, I will pay for it, but now everyone in Hennepin county could be against it and we get to pay for it for the next 30 years! way to go! Thanks for everything I can only hope that the voters will take after the Donald and say YOUR ALL FIRED!!! Enjoy it for the next few months. But things in Minnesota will change and we can thank the twins for that


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