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Friday, April 21, 2006

Whats Sue Jeffers true intent?

When I first heard she was seeking the GOP endorsement I thought to myself OK that’s a good move to gain media exposure, but she isn't going against just a strong favorite for endorsement, she’s going against a sitting governor who is very popular in his party.

That being said Sue Jeffers and Tim Pawlenty have clear differences on a handful of issues worth fighting over. The problem is Sue isn't putting up much of a fight. If she was truly seeking GOP endorsement why didn't she have a presence at caucuses? Even if it was just her and a small handful of supporters it would have created the appearance that she was actually seeking the endorsement and not simply trying to put on a show so she could get one meaningless line in a few news reports.

At this point I question if Sue is a true candidate or simply a Tim Pawlenty supporter who wants to make sure the Libertarian ballot line does not have a presence in November. It's a stretch, but politics can be a pretty dirty sport.

If Sue Jeffers cared about the Libertarian Party or her campaign one would think she would go out of her way to discuss the smoking ban particularly since the issue is important to her on a personal level.


Blogger Ian said...

I am not a supporter of either of them, but I would guess that it is similar to Al Sharpton in the 2004 presidential race. His point was not to win, but to bring to the debate the issues that he thought should be discussed. I would guess it is just a pressuring of Pawlenty to say how he tuuly feels instead of avoiding hard questions...

but I might be naive.

Anonymous Gordy said...

I'd say she is a real candidate. The lack of presence at caucuses was probably because she had not yet secured the libertarian endorsement. Now that the LP has voted, it's her's to accept. But first, she wants the endorsement from the party she's always been a part of, the Republicans.

If the gov were smart, he would welcome her to the debate, tell the GOP to hand over their delegate lists, and then beat her at convention. He'll probably win on the first ballot.

Instead, the GOP is trying to block her from the endorsement process. Now, no matter how much of a long shot Sue is, there will still be a group of conservatives who think Pawlenty fixed it. I see this coming back to haunt the governor in November. Jeffers taking even 3 or 4 percent of the vote could make the difference.

Blogger mike said...

The Governor can give her a fair fight and go out and beat her, but unless he absulutly destoys her he only makes her stronger in the process.

If Sue Jeffers ends up getting above 3% in November it makes thigs very difficult. The margain of error for Pawlenty this year is thin, he's shown that he can walk that line in the past, but part of walking that line includes keeping Sue Jeffers down.

I see your point that holding her back will piss some people off, and maybe they will vote for her because of that, but I just don't see how that would approach the 3-5% range.

The only way you get there is by getting a forum to show the voters what your all about.

Remember there is already a strong protest vote option, so we're only looking at one segment of anti Pawlenty Republicans with Jeffers. Ultimatly for her to approach 100,000 votes she is going to have to earn her own votes, and not hope that as someone else loses support it heads her way.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Say Chum p would know the strategy make your life any easier or add to the quality of it - didn't think so!

Blogger Dan said...

The notion that Sue is running to supress libertarians is so bizarre! I know her, and I assure you nothing could be further from the truth. There sure is a lot of paranoia in politics these days.

Jeffers has a genuine shot if she's allowed to compete on a level field. I'm a delegate to the GOP state convention, and believe me, Pawlenty isn't popular with the delegates. It's just that until now, we had no other choice.


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