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Monday, April 17, 2006

Tonights event

I now have names and faces for the two Independence Party CD 5 candidates. As I mentioned earlier tonight Tammy Lee who will announce officially at the capital tommarow morning, the other is Bill Miteikis (I think I have the spelling right on him).

We also had a good discussion on transit and where we need to go if population continues to grow, I think the reality is like rail or hate it we'll be going all out building more lines no matter who's in office so politically it will soon become a non issue.

Also had a chance to talk to Robert Fitzgerald about his Senate campaign a little bit. He's going to hit all the CD conventions so it appears he is doing everything right should another candidate emerge late.

Finally Peter Hutchinson gave an extreamly opptimisitc pep talk about the success he is having on the ground. He's a candidate so we have to take that for what it's worth, but he's demonstrated an ability to answer any question fired his way without that "brief think up some BS pause" that can really make a candidate look bad, so I imagine he is swaying a fair amount of voters.

I'd add more but it's late and I still have to watch 24, and with back to back 14 Hour work days ahead of me I should try to get to bed sooner then later.

Oh one more thing Jay Pond of the Green Party was there and discussed the idea of a softball game, so that could be fun.


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