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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Libertarian convention

Today was the Minnesota Libertarian Party convention where I presume Sue Jeffers was endorsed for Governor. Google searching the news I find nothing on it, worse yet Google searching blogs, I only find this day old posting promoting the convention. Occasionally I see a mild plug in my comments section or the comments sections elsewhere for Sue and the Libertarian Party, but from what I can tell it's coming from only one person.

In one sense I am disappointed in the media for not getting a little coverage on the Libertarian party as uncompetitive as it is helps drive the agenda as good as any major or minor party, but the party and the Jeffers campaign themselves really are responsible for whatever coverage they end up getting. I don't care if your the kill the cats party, if you have a convention and a fair amount of people show up to endorse a candidate or many candidates for major office the media will send someone your way if you do the work to make sure they are aware of the event, and you expect coverage.

Any time I see a third party candidate fail to find the base they represent, I get a little worried that maybe the process we have doesn't work. Hopefully this has more to say about the quality of the candidate and her team, and the reality is Sue Jeffers wouldn't be an effective governor.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sue Jeffers did not accept any endorsement from the Libertarian party.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Libertarian Party endorsed Sue, but she has not accepted yet since she wants to get the Republican endorsement. See this article from the Albert Lea Tribune:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You personify 'a little knowledge is a dangerous thing'. Typical blogger - get a real job.

Blogger mike said...

Youi actually think I get paid to do this?


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