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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Tammy Lee's DFL ties

Much has been made of Independence party 5th CD candidate Tammy Lee's past connection to the DFL. Clearly she is very supportive of many DFL causes, and in the past DFL candidates, but I think a clear distinction can be made from her and any endorsable DFL candidate.

Social Security is the key issue here. It's a complicated issue so most observers don't get to in depth with it, but the DFL position on that issue would drive any sensible Minnesotan out of that party, the #'s just don't add up anymore. Tim Penny and Jack Uldrich pressence with her campaign should leave little doubt she is not anywhere close to the DFL on this issue.

Lets be honest to win in CD 5 you have to have a lot of DFL in you, Tammy has that, but there is also a clear line between the DFL field of candidates and Tammy. A line that there is no hope the DFL will ever be willing to cross as we saw with Kelly Doran.

Again this looks like another case where the DFL has to claim ownership of every non-Republican citizen. At least when the Republicans refuse to give Third Parties any credit we know it's because they ideally would like a one party system, but with the Democrats it's all about a two party system and there inability to adapt to change.

They talk a good game about anyone but Bush or anyone but Pawlenty, but when it comes down to it the DFL can not handle the idea of third party success. I believe the leaders in the party would prefer Republican victory over 3rd party victory as they don't want to create a new playbook. The best guess is Tammy Lee will not win which begs the question why the hell do they care?


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