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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Twins stadium: No new taxes pledge

Tim Pawlenty seems to think he can pin the Twins stadium tax on the county despite the fact that if Tim Pawlenty does not sign this bill this new tax will not go into effect. A new amendment would take part of the tax burden away from the County, and put it on the state.

A 3% ticket tax has been added to the bill. I guess we call that a user fee. It will be interesting to see if the Governor calls the Hennepin county portion of the bill a sales tax or a sales user fee. The ticket user fee of course will only be paid as a result of ticket sales.

David Strom and the tax payers leagues expectations from the governor on this one are perfectly clear. If and when The Governor signs the stadium bill Tim Pawlenty could do himself a lot of good by saying he broke the pledge because he is looking out for the best interest of Minnesota or something to that effect.


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