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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

April prediction time

I will continue to make predictions of every major race with an Independence Party candidate at the end of every month. This month we see the Independence has entered the races for congress in the 5th and 6th districts with John Binkowski's endorsement in CD 6 as well as Tammy Lee and Bill Miteikes battling for the 5th CD endorsement.

Tonight I'll start with the 6th CD

While there is still a chance for a late suprise it looks like Republican Michele Bachmann and Democrat Patty Wetterling will get the nominations from their parties. Independence Party candidate John Binkowski is just getting out of the gate at this point. Based on what I've seen from Binkowski he probably will not play well to the pro war anti gay marraige Republican crowd, meaning his pressence in the race is good news for the Republicans especially given the 6th district has been very favorable to the Independence Party in the past. Binkowski will need to be able to use his youth to his advantage if he wants to be competive.

Best bet at this point

Michele Bachmann Republican 53%
Patty Wetterling Democrat 41%
John Binkowski Independence 6%


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