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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

April prediction US Senate

First let me start with word that new candidate has decided to seek the Independence Party endorsement today so that allows the possibility of changing things.

With that said I have no reason to believe Robert Fitzgerald will not be the Independence Party candidate. Of course nothing of signifigance has changed with the Republican or Democrat parties, also no other candidates of significance are running with other parties at this point.

Really nothing major has changed since last month other then the fact that I have had a chance to see Robert Fitzgerald give his campaign speech which confirmed he knows what he's getting himself into and why he's doing it.

Some change from last month as I'm reminded that the Republican candidate is the dull Mark Kennedy.

Mark Kennedy Republican 49%
Amy Klobuchar Democrat 44%
Robert Fitzgerald Independence 7%

Please note I'm known to be seen in Robert Fitzgerald for US Senate T Shirt's these days so a bias might exist.


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