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Friday, April 28, 2006

April CD 5 predictions

After seeing Independence Party candidate Tammy Lee on Almanac tonight I am prepared to make a prediction on this race.

First off from the Republican side we have two resonably credible candidates in Alan Fine and Colin Chapman, I give the edge to Chapman although he has only lived in Minnesota for a few months.

On the Democrat side it looks like a two way race between Mike Erlandson and Keith Ellison, and it's really anybodys guess at this point, for purposes of making a prediction on the general election results I will go with Erlandson here.

Jay Pond is the Green Party candidate.

Tammy Lee is the only announced Independence Party candidate at this point and seems to have the edge in experience over the other potential candidate I have met.

As everyone knows this is a DFL district with very little oppurtunity from the Republicans. It's clearly favorable for Green candidates, and may play well to a left leaning Independence Party candidate. With basically one major party and three "third parties" in this race it will be tough to make an accurate prediction, but I'll take a stab at it.

Jay Pond Green 7%
Colin Chapman Republican 18%
Mike Erlandson Democrat 56%
Tammy Lee Independence 19%


Blogger Liar_Liar said...

I have never Googled myself though I appreciate your thoughts. Sadly, it proved impossible for me. I would have loved to have run in this race.


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