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Sunday, May 07, 2006

I need some new blog links

Haven't seen a new post from Great Plains View in a week or two, Backbone Minnesota has announced there will be no posting for a couple months, Minnesota Campaign Report is often inactive for a couple days at a time, and several others don't post often.

That being said I want to link another extreamly active blog or two. If you have or know of a Minnesota political blog and can promise me at least 3 good posts a week that is not overly partisan toward the Democrats or Republicans let me know. Ideally I'm looking for those that aren't linked on every other blog so if you know of something new, or are considering starting one up let me know and I can send some of my readers in your direction.

Also I will accept a partisan Green or Libertarian Party blog or two

Leave suggestions in comments and if your suggestion meets the above criteria I will link it.


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