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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Independence Party CD 5 endorsing Convention

Next Tuesday Independence Party delegates to the 5th congressional district convention will have two solid candidates to consdier endorsing in Tammy Lee and Bill Mateikis. I've profiled Lee and linked her website so I won't go over her background again here. Mateikis is currently director of Global Trade Compliance for Honywell Corporation, he has leadership experience in non-profits, and as an unemployment law attorney. Both candidates are skilled public speakers and proven leaders who are committed to making sure the Independence Party sees success in November and beyond.

It should be an exciting night with a good fair clean fight for the endorsement. Candidate for Governor Peter Hutchinson and US Senate candidate Robert Fitzgerald will address the convention, as well as other special guests. The convention itself starts at 7 PM at Kenwood Park, 2101 West Franklin, Minneapols, with a meet and greet proceeding the convention at 6. Hope to see as many of you there as possible.


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