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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Mitch Hedberg tribute show

I attended tonight’s Mitch Hedberg tribute show, and was once again reminded what an underrated entertainment option Stand Up comedy is. Unfortunately you have to know what your getting yourself into as some of the 12 comics tonight couldn't fill even 10 minutes without racist or sexual obnoxiaty, there’s a way to do it with humor, but most can't pull it off and thus shouldn't go in that direction at all.

I became a fan of Mitch about 5 years ago and regret passing up my one chance to see him in person a few months before he lost his battle with drugs last spring. A lot of people can say funny stuff, but few can say stuff and make it funny the way Mitch Hedberg did. He was truly one of a kind and is greatly missed.

I highly recommend anyone looking for some good relatively clean entertainment find out when Greg Behrnhardt, Mike Birbiglia, Dave Mordal, Doug Benson, or Patton Oswalt are in town next. The tax payers don't have to spend a billion dollars to keep great comedy clubs like ACME alive and well.


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