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Monday, May 15, 2006

Alan Fine admits he tried to use the Independence Party

Republican endorsed 5th CD candidate Alan Fine admits in todays Star Tribune that his 2002 Independence Party Senate nomination quest was out of desperation as he knew he could not compete in his own party. So far Fine's campaign amounts to calling his African American Muslim DFL opponent a racist through Republican party leadership.

I'm sure many good residents of CD 5 would love to elect a Republican, but the nomination of Alan Fine was a pathetic mistake, and ruined any hope of a real Republican being elected. The Independence party in 2002 was smart enough not to make this same pathetic mistake of endorsing this fraud.


Blogger Brent Metzler said...

I missed something? What makes him a fraud? Just because he ran for Senate as an Independence candidate in 2002, and now is running as a Republican?

Is this just jealousy because he didn't choose to support the Independence Party this year?


Blogger mike said...

Running in the wrong party makes you a fraud. To say he was a Republican even when he ran with another party makes him a complete fraud.

He was rejected in 2002 because he was not ready for primetime and a qucik look at his website shows he still isn't. In general you don't want to have akward meaningless lines on top of word on your campaign web site.

The Independence Party has a great candidate in Tammy Lee. By the way is Sue Jeffers going to be allowed to attend the Republican convention, or does the Republican party still consider her a fraud?

Blogger Brent Metzler said...

Running in the wrong party makes you a fraud.

So which is the wrong party that Alan Fine ran in? The Independence, or the Republican?

See, what interests me is that on April 28th you made the following statement, First off from the Republican side we have two resonably credible candidates in Alan Fine and Colin Chapman. Yet a scant 2 weeks later Alan Fine goes from being a "credible" candidate, to a fraud. Why?


PS. Jeffers failed to follow the proper endorsing process, she broke the rules. That's why she's now getting the smack-down for trying to get the rules bent to play catch-up.

Blogger mike said...

Alan Fine is a resonably credible candidate. He still is by Republican CD 5 congressional candidate standards pretty good. The key though is he ran in a party he had no intrest in. At least Sue Jeffers does have some intrest in the Republican party having some success.

But all this is irrelevent as even a good Republican would have no chance of winning this seat. The only chance of wrestling this seat out of DFL controll is a vote for Tammy Lee in November, and it's not as if Alan Fine could use this as a stepping Stone.

While we know the Republican Party couldn't care less about the seat it is intresting they don't even care enough to at least look good in the race.


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