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Saturday, May 13, 2006

6th district race

Today the 6th district DFL endorsed Patty Wetterling. Patty Wetterling was the perfect candidate in a Republican leaning district the first time around in 2004. She was politically unknown, but known and respected by just about everyone in the district and beyond. She ran an ok campaign and lost by a significant margain to Mark Kennedy on the issues.

This time she decides to run for senate where she wouldn't have to overcome a republican leaning set of voters, however she appeared unable to win that endorsement so she came back to the 6th. One small problem she made a reasonable candidate for that office a promise she would not enter the race. And even thats ok as it is the nature of politics, except for this Patty's appeal is not at all political, and thus that can and will be used against us.

So what are we left with? A Republican leaning district, a Republican candidate that any moderate voter despratly hopes won't get elected, and a DFL candidate that is dammaged goods. We also have John Binkowski from the Independence party side. I can tell you this there will be a lot of non Democrat voters who won't even consider Michele Bachmann. I can't imagine that these people will be fired up to vote for Patty. For that matter I doubt they are fired up to vote for Binkowski, but this could really drive a lot of people to look for an alternitive.

I think Bachmann has over 50% of the votes and will win the seat, but there is an oppurtunity here for John Binkowski to do suprisingly well. I'm very curiuse to see where Wetterlings campaign goes from here, by gut feeling is her support will only go down from here and it's just a matter of how far she can fall.


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