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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

David Strom at IP meetup

Tonight's Independence party meet up guest speaker was Tax Payer’s league president David Strom. It's easy to be critical with Strom because of his GOP connections, but don't confuse Tim Pawlenty acting like he is off the hook on his health impact fee or willingness to sign a county tax for stadiums, with David Strom letting him off the hook.

Strom was very complimentary of what the Independence Party represents, which if nothing else is a vehicle to push the other major parties towards the issues that they will otherwise ignore. While the audience included Independence Party supports from both perspectives of tax issues, there was next to know disagreement with what Strom stands for, as David Strom when given an opportunity to fully explain himself is a well reasoned advocate for the tax payer.

While he clearly leans Republican, especially from a two party perspective, he is very critical of what Republicans are doing at both the state and national level, in fact at one point he reminded the crowd that the divided leadership under Clinton resulted in some great years for the tax payer.


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