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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

How to become a delegate

As someone who lived a mile from the 2002 Independence Party convention site in St Cloud in 2002 yet didn't become a delegate and attend that convention, I want to let everyone know just how easy it is to get involved and become a delegate.

The Independence Party endorsing convention is rapidly approaching June 24th at Midway Stadium in St Paul, the state party bylaws require all delegates must be in place 72 hours prior to the convention to vote. We have 134 legislative districts from which we can elect up to 10 delegates as well as unlimited alternatives. Very few districts are filled as of yet. That’s all great, but if your anything like I was you are still wondering how exactly you qualify to become a delegate. The answer is simple show the commitment to attend the convention and help out where you can, and you are qualified.

I signed up to become a member of the party in late October of 2002, by sending an E-mail as directed to on the state party web site, then got actively involved in February of 2003, by the end of the summer of 2003 I was appointed the parties vice fundraising chair. The bottom line if you want to get involved at any level just go ahead and do it and don't delay.

Call the party office at 651-487-9700 or send an E-mail to the party secretary, heck leave a comment here and I'll pass it along to the right people.

Also I want to continue to pitch the post convention fundraiser, for $35 you can enjoy a great summer evening at the ballpark along with other Independence Party supporters. This event is open not only to delegates, but anyone who is interested in changing politics in Minnesota as well as family and friends.


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