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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Let the campaigns begin

With the Twins and Gopher stadiums being approved, and the legislative session ending today the 2006 campaigns are about to heat up. The approval of a billion dollars worth of stadiums really changes the dynamic heading into November. Luckily with the Vikings still on the table candidates will be forced to be honest on the issue.

Personal differences on the issues aside I have to give the legislators some credit for a good compromise, and getting the job done on time. Still they made huge votes at 5 AM while nobody was watching. I understand they don't want to work on a Sunday morning, but that’s not an excuse to pull this overnight crap year after year.

From here on out it's all out campaigning. With the medias focus shifting over hopefully we will see more and more on Tammy Lee, Peter Hutchinson, and Robert Fitzgerald as those campaigns gain momentum over the summer.


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