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Friday, May 19, 2006

Tammy Lee is a great candidate

Tammy Lee, Keith Ellison's challenger for Martin Sabo's seat in congress, has really impressed me from day one of her campaign. Her web site is as good as it gets, she has bumper stickers out of the gate. She even had entrance music for her nomination speech to coincide with her campaign theme, changes.

Now I find this interview with at Patriotlog, which really demonstrates the knowledgeable honest approach she is taking in dealing with real people. Tammy really is an all around candidate which in the Independence Party is a great luxury to have. Typically candidates in one way or another create minor challenges for the party (find them volunteers, help them with their platform, help them raise money...) but with Tammy, while the party will absolutely do some of those things, she is really more of an asset to other candidates in those areas.

Having Tammy leading the charge along with Peter Hutchinson and Robert Fitzgerald will go a long ways toward making every Independence Party State House and Senate candidate in the 5th congressional district successful in November.


Anonymous Bjorn said...

I wasn't really thinking I'd be excited about a candidate, but she sure charmed me. I was left with the feeling that even though she is quite a sophisticated person, she is still approachable and open to real exchanges of ideas.

Maybe I've just been talking to the wrong political types, traveling in the wrong circles, but I'm thinking this is an unusual quality.


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