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Saturday, May 27, 2006

May Governors race prediction

Tim Pawlenty has signed the Twins Stadium bill into law. Tim Pawlenty has without a shadow of a doubt raised taxes, and broken his pledge with the tax payers league. Meanwhile while some rumors are floating around Mike Hatch might drop out, all indications are he is still coasting toward the DFL endorsement. The Peter Hutchinson campaign meanwhile is quite but active preparing for the convention launch into contender status June 24th at Midway stadium. Sue Jeffers campaign is again quite, it appears she continues to seek Republican endorsement, when she falls short she will have to make a quick turn around for a petition drive. For the time being I am predicting we won't see Jeffers name on the ballot in November, there is as of yet no indication that her campaign amounts to anything although that could easily change.

Tim Pawlenty signing the stadium bill and Sue Jeffers potential absence from the ballot will shoot Peter Hutchinson up a bit from last month

My May prediction is as follows

Tim Pawlenty 39%
Peter Hutchinson 26%
Mike Hatch 35%


Blogger lloydletta said...

I don't see that. Peter Hutchinson doesn't have much name recognition - and he hasn't gotten press coverage.

Blogger Dan said...

You haven't been paying close enough attention. If I were you, I'd start inverviewing some Republican delegates if you want to have a clue about how the GOP convention is going to go.

Blogger mike said...

Dan there is no doubt Sue Jeffers has sold many delegates, but she has not sold 40% of the delegates. She may very well convince enough that the media picks up on her to the point where her petetion drive is a slam dunk, but thats more about the media then how she does as they can easily ignore her even if she picks up 38% of delgates.


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