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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Mike Erlandson for congress

While this was expected Mike did say prior to the DFL endorsing convention he would not run in a primary. There’s a reason people ask that question of candidates, it's because they want to know you have loyalty and honesty. Sure if something insanely crazy happens at the convention and a candidate that is bad for the party gets endorsed good candidates should run in the primary, but Keith Ellison is what Democrats are. He represents what Mike Erlandson claims to represent. What Mike is doing is hurting Keith Ellison’s ability to raise funds, and hurting the DFL's chance to retain a seat they've had for over 30 years.

It might be good for Tammy Lee, but it's bad for the process, and speaks volumes about what kind of congressman he would make. If he can't be loyal to his party chances are he won't be loyal to the district. Lets hope the DFL primary voters do the right thing and honor the endorsement. If your not loyal to your party and want to run in November then you should either answer the primary question honestly or run as a small i independent.


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