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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Green Party endorsed candidates

The media has completely ignored them, and I haven't really heard much from them, but the Green Party will once again field candidates for state wide office. Ken Pentel once again was endorsed for Governor. As a major party candidate Ken Pentel did pretty well running for governor in 2002. It will be interesting to see if he gets in the debates now as the Greens are again legally considered a minor party. I fear he will get in, not because he hits 5% in the polls, but because Peter Hutchinson easily clears that level of support and they need to water down the fact he is a major party candidate by adding a minor party candidate to the stage. I'm all for an inclusive debate, as long as the Republicans and Democrats don't get to play games with who they include and why.

The Greens also endorsed Michael Cavlan for US Senate and John Kolstead for Attorney General.


Blogger Bob Collins said...

MPR had a Michael Cavlan page and a Robert Fitzgerald page on the Campaign 2006 site more than a year ago. We hardly "ignored" them.

The "media" is a big thing, encompassing lots of individual organizations.

And to the extent that some non-major candidates are ignored, part of it is due to their utter incompetence in letting people know they're even running.

Blogger mike said...

Thanks Bob, you do a great job of covering all sides all the time. My concearn is that most people get there news from the Star Tribune or Don Shelby, and in many cases they don't are convinced everything thats important makes the cut.

Sure candidates have to come to them, but in the cases of the print and TV news unless they come to them in the middle of a rellevent story they will choose to ignore them more often then not. Heck they will ignore the Democrats or Republicans if it doesn't fit their agenda. In a word those on TV news can best be described as irresponsible.

The fact that I wasn't even aware that Pentel was running again clearly says more about how active his campaign has been, then it does about the media, but the only reason I know of it now is because I goto your site, and read the blogs, and scan the comments sections.

I guess what bothers me the most is the way the TV media was so fascinated by the vampire running but as of yet has not said one word about Robert Fitzgerald, or any of his challangers for endorsement. It's not about whats important, It's not even about what the viewers want, it's about getting a story done, and killing another half hour. No doubt it's a tough job, but at some point we've seen enough live pictures of a run of the mill fire at 10:03, and want these folks to stop wasting time driving around and start doing real research, or listen to the phone calls, read the E-mails, and attend the press confrences every once in a while.


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