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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

It's just not fair

Shot in the Dark makes an excellent point about Tim Penny being Involved in MPR’s coverage of the DFL and GOP conventions. It’s not fair for an active member of a major political party to be treated like an expert by the media, free to mention the name of that major parties candidates throughout the broadcast.

While I am mostly mocking the stupidity of the complaint given the reality that Democrats and Republicans get this opportunity all the time, I’d be more then happy if the concerns of shot in the dark were dealt with across the board. Annette Meeks, Blois Olson, Wendell Anderson, and the rest of the gang can move on to other things on Friday nightsand Sunday mornings, or whenever they film the At Issue Dempublican partisan debate. The problem is even people like Arnie Carlson or a college professor would let some personal views slip in, so you might as well go to the party insiders to get the best insight.


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