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Monday, June 12, 2006

The big media hit is about to start

This week the Independence Party can expect significant media as candidate announcements for Attorney General, Secretary of State Lt. Governor, and State Auditor are made. US Senate candidate Robert Fitzgerald also is conducting his first press conference for capital reporters which should propel his media image from some 29 year old unqualified shmuck to one of the most impressive Independence Party US Senate candidates to date. There have also been major commitments for significant coverage of the June 24th convention. Convention coverage can really be hit or miss in this party, but the combination of this convention being in the metro, only three hours, and at a unique location along with highly respected candidates seeking endorsement has really drawn their attention.

We may end June with the Independence Party at it's all time peak in the media's eyes which is a crazy concept given what they thought of the party just a few months ago.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Will NPR be broadcasting live from the convention?

Blogger mike said...

They've committed to do an hour and a half so far.

Anonymous Anonymous said...



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