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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Killing time

had a great morning today at the CD 7 convention. Jim Haviland and Robert Fitzgerald gave there speeches and went back and forth on a Q and A for about an hour. Both are great candidates, and I am extreamly hopeful that whoever does not come out of the state convention with an endorsement makes a congressional run in the 7th.

Unfortanatly Pam Ellison did not make it up to make her pitch. I understand why she did not come up, but part of being a candidate for governor includes running a campaign. Maybe she found another oppurtunity to meet with delegates today, but it's hard to take a candidate seriusly when they no show events they committed to.

We will be in the Fergus Falls Summerfest parade in a few hours supporting Robert Fitzgerald, with Gus the Big Red Bus, and Robert's pickup truck with the campaign logo. He's found a lot of creative ways to stretch his limited funds into something that will pay off big time once the media is ready to take a closer look at his campaign, post endorsement should he get it. It will be fun to walk along side Robert tonight and see the reaction he gets from the parade goes, as he has the perfect personality for this kind of event.


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