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Sunday, June 11, 2006

It's Hatch

Two weeks from today all three major party endorsements will be complete, and this race for governor will be on with no major threat of a primary upset. I've been fairly confident the race would be Mike Hatch, Tim Pawlenty, and Peter Hutchinson, and I think Hutchinson has been framing his campaign around that as well.

These are major heavyweights in Tim Pawlenty and Mike Hatch to the point where if I saw either at 15% in the polls I wouldn't count them out (you may recall Tim Pawlenty dipped as low as 18% prior to his election in 2002). Still there is a lot of resentment any time you have two candidates like these. The next month or two all Peter Hutchinson has to do is gain 2% from both sides and his poll #'s will be right where they need to be going into the late summer.

June 24th is now about showing the public the media that although he may be running from a "third party" he ain't running with a minor party. This next week we expect some announcements that will draw in even more folks into take a look at the Independence Party, and no doubt many will like what they see. Robert Fitzgerald is also planning on heading down to St Paul to meet with the media, and after last night seeing the support he has built regionally I am excited to see this campaign launch in the media as he will borden the spectrum of support for the party, and ultimately benefit the candidate for Governor more then any US Senate candidate has in the past.

These next 5 months will be great, I hope everyone interested takes the opportunity to jump on board now, attend the convention and ride this thing all the way through the victory party November 7th and 8th.


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