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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Dinner with bloggers

Robert Fitzgerald invited some of the people he's met over the course of his campaign for US Senate to dinner at True Thai (2627 East Franklin Avenue Minneapolis, MN 55406). I'm told by those that frequent Thai food it is one of the best in town. Non political family and friends were off at another table while those of us focused on the campaign sat with Robert. Included in that group were a couple IP supporters and a few bloggers.

The news of the night is that we will have at least one non IP blogger (Power Liberal) at the convention providing the most up to date reaction your going to find. The relationships Robert has built with bloggers are going to be great for this party as we need all the coverage we can get. While the TV and print media will be on hand we can't expect them to go into to much depth especially outside of the Governors race.

The other news is that the Independence Party US Senate endorsement will use Instant run off voting. In a 3 way race IRV works real well, unfortunately with the 60% threshold it does not guarantee an endorsement. If the 3rd place candidate gets under 10% it will only take an extra minute or two to get the IRV results. In the event that we don't have an endorsement prior to eliminating the 3rd place candidate this will be a major time saver.

By the way don't expect anything here on the convention until late Saturday night, as I don't expect to run across a computer all day.


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