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Thursday, June 22, 2006

June prediction6th CD

The 6th congressional race has a ridiculously huge gap for an Independent to fill. Michele Bachmann of course being to the far right and Patty Wetterling stumbling along as the Democrat. The question I’ve had is how good of a candidate can John Binkowski be? How aggressive of a fundraiser will he be and will he get on the voters radar. Up until recently I wasn’t convinced he would be a candidate that would take full advantage of this race and the opportunity it presents, but seeing him in action, and hearing some behind the scene things I now have confidence he will give Wetterling and Bachmann something to worry about.

That being said I will need to see more of it to move to far from my May prediction

My prediction for June

Patty Wetterling 36%
John Binkowski 13%
Michele Bachmann 51%


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