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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Former "Jackal" Pat Kessler

I'm shocked to be saying this, but the most impressive press on the Peter Hutchinson campaign and the Independence Party recently has come from Pat Kessler. Kessler as you may recall was considered the lead "Jackal" during the Ventura years.

Kessler has gone above and beyond what I would expect this last week though doing close to a 5 minute story on Team Minnesota, having Peter on his radio program this morning for nearly an hour, actually shielding Peter when he might not have been able to tell a caller what they wanted to here, and this evening he did a piece on the convention with Peter at midway stadium that can be viewed at WCCO.COM.

I'm sure Pam Ellison still might thinks he's a Jackal given he never mentions the Independence Party has two candidates seeking the Governor endorsement. To her credit, unlike the former Governor she would never call him on it in public.


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