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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Almanac debate

The IP governor debate on Almanac tonight was anything but a debate. These candidates are exactly the same on the issues with maybe one or two meaningful exceptions. Pam Ellison has promised to run in the primary, and while a primary fight is not a bad thing Pam seems to have the passion to work to get an IP candidate elected this fall, and could focus that energy on getting Peter Hutchinson as well as IP candidates for other offices elected. There is no doubt Pam comes from a place closer to the soul of this party then Peter, but Peter isn't out of place in this party.

Pam was referred to an Almanac as a long time party activist. I hope she becomes a party activist for the first time in a long time when she vows to support Peter Hutchinson if and when he is endorsed.


Anonymous Chris said...


Wasn't MPR supposed to have "open mike" coverage of the IP convention on its Web site? I couldn't find the link...


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