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Saturday, June 24, 2006

What a convention

Just got back, here are the highlights.

John Binkowski delivered an unbelievable speech; this young man is for real. Make sure to tune in to MPR Monday morning for this one, you'll be inspired no matter what party you support. The use of IRV voting in the US Senate race came into play against the odds as the 9 extra votes in the rundown pushed Robert Fitzgerald over the top.

Unfortunately the drizzle started as we were wrapping up the gubernatorial race and we pushed the rest of the team through quickly, but Peter won over 90% of the delegates. The rain chased people home early and only a few dozed stayed for the Saints game with only 3 left when we headed home after the 5th inning. The game was a good time, but with no friends left in the crowd there was no way I was going to sit through the drizzle for another hour or so. Good thing the money came in up front for the fundraiser otherwise it would have been a big financial hit to the party, it ended up as a financial break even, but the media hit was a significant boost for the party.

I asked Robert Fitzgerald what day one after endorsement would bring, but it looks like he will need a day or two to rest before he can focus in on November. I can't say I blame him; he put a lot into securing the endorsement.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

In any great thing there is need for improvement. With out that improvement there is no sustainability for the greatness. It is only by the desire for improvement that democracy prevailed over communism. The reason that democracy prevailed over communism is that the reward for improvement was larger through a democratic government. The problem that I see in this is that citizens of democracy become overly comfortable and dependant on the advantage that they have been granted from the people who have come before them. This takes away from our desire to make things better for the whole of the world and centers our efforts on sustaining our own current situation. In politics there are very few individuals that are willing to put there necks on the line by attacking the issues and giving meaningful solutions. I expected to hear less cheesy slogans and more solutions from the Independence Party. After attending Independence Party convention today I felt extremely let down. It seemed to me that they played the exact game of B.S. that the Republicans and Democrats have been playing for years by pointing out problems without offering up any real solutions for fear of losing votes. The acted just like the Republicans and Democrats pointing an accusing finger at the other parties. The only difference that I was able to see was that their mob of blind followers was much smaller then that of the two major parties. Could somebody please give a reason to be positive about this party?

Anonymous Chris said...

Good Pioneer Press story on the convention, but I wish they'd give Robert Fitzgerald as much space as Peter Hutchinson gets.

Blogger mike said...

None of lifes great problems get solved at a convention. A convention by it's nature is a pep fest, the playbook is not often brought out at a pepfest. Before the convention was the time to review the solutions the candidates offer as they offer many.

It should be pointed out the solution to our goverments problems are not that difficult. In fact as simple as it sounds keeping the main things the main thing is a solution as putting your efforts oonly toward these things will mean you don't trade away a vote on transportation because you feel the urge to repress the gays, or you need tlo trade a vote in favor of a positive enviorment act because it would be so cool to have slot machines at a non indian business.

I'm in this party because I know the solutions are simple ones that I must demand out of my elected leaders. This isn't sending a rocket to the moon, this truly is about keeping the Main things the main thing.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am happy that Independence party is trying to stay focused on the real topics however if the solutions are simple I feel that they should have been brought to the surface by now. I have listened to radio interviews with all of the candidates I have gone to the CD 7 meeting. I felt like the candidates who have been most successful have only been doing the pep fest thing and not dishing out solutions. I have never thought that I should support the candidate most able to rile up a mob of people but instead I will support the candidate that most honestly attacks the issues. I don’t vote for charisma. I vote for answers.

Anonymous Rachel said...

I have to post a response to this anonymous post at 11:41. I, too, vote for answers. But these people have to appeal to the masses in order to win and the masses look for charisma, unfortunately. That is what I learned during the 2002 election. I worked hard for Tim Penny and was extremely let down when the person with the answers and the skills to lead MN lost to charisma (among some other factors). If you want answers, try to go get them. I am certain all of those candidates endorsed on Saturday will be willing to talk with you about the solutions they are proposing.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are we not then just playing the same game that the republicans and democrats are playing? A game that we can not win? I hope that you are correct in assumeing that they do have good solutions but personaly i would rather know that prior to endorsing them.

Blogger mike said...

Thats a fair point however these candidates have been to CD conventions across the state, they have had media appearances, and they have web sites, and as a delegate all it would take is a phone call or an E-mail and they would have stopped what they were doing to answer your questions.

I wish all voters were like you, then maybe the candidate who is best on the issues would win regardless of wether they have the personality of a Robert Fitzgerald, or a Steve Williams.


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