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Thursday, June 29, 2006

the main thing beetween now and November

If you've heard Peter Hutchinson speak recently you've heard the quote about keeping the main thing the main thing. Just in case you haven't heard Peter speak, what that means is keeping the focus on Health Care, Education, Transportation, and the environment rather some of the more heated social issues that are all about the fight, and not solutions. What Peter describes is what most Minnesotans want, but of course he is involved in a high profile race for political office so between now and November everything will be the main thing, particularly things that won't be the main thing if and when Peter is in office.

The issues of gay marriage, abortion, gambling, stadiums, and guns will matter in this election. Given that and the fact we have a 3 way race I thought I would review which of the three major party candidates stand out on those issues.

On gay marriage it's tough to tell where Mike Hatch stands, but Peter Hutchinson is very much against any ban while the Governor is very much in favor of a ban, as a Democrat Mike Hatch will try to play both sides for as long as possible, but in the end I think he'll be on the Governors side leaving Hutchinson as the only candidate does not wish to take rights away from citizens of Minnesota.

On abortion the governor stands alone that the government gets to make the choice and that choice is no abortions.

On gambling the governor seems to stand alone as the only candidate that thinks the state needs to open up a casino.

On stadiums Peter Hutchinson stands alone as the only candidate that is against publicly financed stadiums for pro teams.

On guns it's difficult to know where Hatch or Hutchinson stand, but Pawlenty is very much for gun rights.

In a three way race it is critical to stand alone on a few issues, in fact I believe this was the reason Tim Penny faded late in 2002. On the above mentioned issues Pawlenty stands alone on gambling and Abortions, while Hutchinson stands alone on stadiums, and probably gay marriage. The real story is Mike Hatch is stuck in the middle on all these issues and can win none of these issues outright.


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