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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

June Governors race prediction

Hatch picks Dutcher, Hutchinson announces team of running mates, and Pawlenty proposes hundreds of millions of dollars toward higher ed without letting us know where that money is coming from. This race is much more fluid then all the others. We will see major movement in public perception on this race. All the money in the US Senate race doesn't change the fact that Minnesotans are most focused on this race.

On the three above June highlights.

Hatch picking Dutcher- As running mates go he got the best of the best, this will retain a few extra Democrats, but won't sway the type of voter that will decide this race.

Hutchinson and Team Minnesota- A concept is better then a running mate, and this is certainty a big concept. Whether or not the voters care, this move gives him a better campaign structure then previous Independence Party candidates have had. By all accounts Team Minnesota is well qualified and highly respected.

Pawlenty higher ed funding plan- The former no new taxes governor, jumps onto the same side of this issue as Hutchinson and Hatch. In a three way race it's often better to be alone and wrong then agree and be right.

From May Hatch moves up 1 points Hutchinson moves up 2 points and Pawlenty is down 3 points, making for a very tight three way race with Hatch and Pawlenty dead even and Hutchinson right on their tails.

Mike Hatch 36%
Tim Pawlenty 36%
Peter Hutchinson 28%


Anonymous Chris said...

Mike Hatch 36%
Tim Pawlenty 36%
Peter Hutchinson 28%

Looks like a European parliamentary election. If the IP could get even 15 percent of the seats in the Legislature we'd have to form coalition governments.

Anonymous Sundog said...

Pawlenty 45 %
Hatch 39 %
Hutchinson 7 %

Blogger mike said...

Where do you see the other 9% Sundog? Or is this based more on current polling?

Anonymous Chris said...

This just in from Fantasy Land:

Pentel 31%
Pawlenty 29%
Hatch 29%
Hutchinson 11%


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