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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Pawlenty education plan

Tim Pawlenty as governor has a great luxury, every time he comes up with a stance on an issue the media flocks his way, rarely questioning the most critical details.

This week the governor has come up with what could potentially be a great plan to getting our best and brightest through college. This is a plan similar to what Peter Hutchinson has been talking about for months, it would be a great thing for Minnesota. And while there is absolutely nothing wrong with candidates borrowing the expertise of their opponents, some key issues remain unanswered. The difference between Pawlenty and Hutchinson is that we know we can't take Pawlenty's word for anything, and Pawlenty isn't willing to come up with a funding plan. Also Pawlenty has had every opportunity for four years to address this issue, and has failed to do so.

By the way this plan is completely inconsistent with every press release the Pawlenty campaign has sent out in the last few weeks. You have to wonder if Pawlenty even talks to these hacks that send out lie filled press releases that are completely inconsistent with the views of the governor.


Blogger Sue For MN 2006 said...


Shame on Pawlenty and Hutchinson BOTH.

Has anybody stopped to think about who the most likely to attend college ARE? They ARE the top 25% of graduating classes!

And how does T-Paw plan to pay for this gig? Spending the "projected" surplus! Wait, wait wait.... A SURPLUS? Hello!!!!

TAX REBATE~ It is not the governor's right to SPEND the extra money he gets. It is supposed to go BACK to the TAXPAYERS!


Blogger mike said...

Thanks for the comment Sue. This is an all or nothing issue for me. We already fund a huge portion of our students college education, with no regard for how committed they are to that education. At least here we're saying you have to be a good student. That beats paying for college students beer money so they can go to the Bar Thursday night and skip class Friday morning desperately hoping to pull off a C so they don't have to retake the same class, again partially at the tax payers sense.

We need student accountability more then anything else, this plan might cost more money then you or I want to spend, but at least the students have some standards to live up to here.


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