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Thursday, June 29, 2006

I'm a little arrogant

I recently came across Shawne Towle piece on the Independence Party. In it Sean basically calls those of us in the Independence Party arrogant know it all elitists. That is all fair praise as we are a little arrogant, we do know more then most Democrats and Republicans, and some of our candidates are actually elite not only inside but out of the political world.

Being a part of the Independence Party you sometimes look for that reason why we are wrong and everyone else is right. It took an awful long time for me to confirm the thought that brought me to this party are indeed right. The Democrats and Republicans are lead by good people who want to do what they think is right. Unfortunately they are amatures at using the system we have to appeal to the voters, and thus think that lies, political favors, and conflict for the sake of conflict are the way to go.

We in this party (the same party in both a legal and logical sense that brought us Jesse Ventura who did receive more then 16.18% of the vote by the way) will get it wrong every once in a while, our candidates and elected officials will screw up from time to time, but I am arrogant enough to know that this party will do a better job then the existing special interest funded parties at least in the beginning stage.

When someone is a racist sexist or bigot you call them on it, when someone is wasting tax payer money you call them on it. You can't stand on the sidelines and hope the other two parties fix themselves. And we've seen attempts to change those parties from within that have failed wether it be Kelly Dorans attempt in the Democrat party or Sue Jeffers attempt as a Republican. If they don't like it that’s their problem, it doesn't mean we are arrogant or elitist, it means we are willing to work for what is right. The politics of conviction matters, and ultimately the real convictions out of the people of Minnesota will shine through, but it's not happening within the Democrat and Republican parties. For better or worse a new party emerged in the early 90's, and we intend to pick up the slack. How we fair this election is still anybodies guess, but this party has been on a steady climb up since the beginning and that doesn't look to change this November. We're Americans, we're Minnesotans, we shouldn't settle for anything less then the best of the best, the elite, the strong, the proud. If that describes the Democrats or Republicans then by all means support them, but if not there is this other major party in Minnesota that has been around for over a decade, and has proven that it can produce a winner.


Blogger Dan said...

Jeffers? Failed? She's just getting started. Still three months until the Primary.

Blogger mike said...

Unfortanatly it appears Sue Jeffers has very little understanding about what it means to be a candidate. If your running for November the time for skrewing around is about to end, if your running for September you have to be a completly launched candidate at this point. Jeffers isn't going to get the free media pub that Becky Lourey can count on she has to be like Kelly Doran and try to make a splash. For Sue to even be a factor she needs to use her bar profits and then some on her campaign. I just don't think she's commited to the campaign to the point where she's willing to make a sacrifice.


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