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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Filing period begins

While the 4th of July holiday is delaying the newsworthy aspect of the filing period it is important to note as it truly is the most significant part of any election cycle outside of November 7th. It's the one time when party’s mean nothing, endorsements mean nothing, credibility means nothing.

If your Fred Smith and want to run for US Senate in the Werewolves of London party go for it grab a couple thousand signatures and your in. If your Sue Jeffers you can finally decide what route you will be taking in your attempt to get 15% of the primary vote, or 1% of the November vote (I say really muck things up and file as a Democrat). If your a retired legislator, you have two weeks to prove it. Even the basic action of Tim Pawlenty, Mike Hatch, Peter Hutchinson, Amy Klobachar, Robert Fitzgerald, and Mark Kennedy filling under the party and for the office they were endorsed for is an important event as once in a rare while it doesn't go according to plans. Sue Jeffers spitting in the face of those who endorsed her (or should I say blowing smoke) is a good example on a smaller scale.

It will be an interesting two weeks especially for the Independence Party as this is another one of those times where the pundits are staring in this direction, and will shape their opinion on the party as a whole in large part on who files.


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