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Monday, July 03, 2006

Annoying inconsistency

A Star Tribune article on the 2nd quarter fundraising came out. The focus is the 5th CD DFL race as that is the most competitive race going these days. The interesting aspect of that race is that with multiple DFL candidates actively raising and spending money for the primary the other candidates have a fair chance of entering September ahead of the eventual DFL candidate in cash. Greg Gordon knowing this contacted the Alan Fine campaign, who apparently are not excited enough about the #'s to release them yet. Gordon unfortunately did not appear to contact Tammy Lee.

That’s an understandable mistake given it's a holiday weekend and Gordon is operating out of Washington. At least it's understandable until he mentions Minnesota's three major parties in the US Senate race. I've heard woops, or sorry we'll make up for it next time, or your candidate just isn't credible enough for coverage (clearly not the case with Tammy Lee), but at this stage in the race the time for media excuses is over. Candidates are endorsed, and actively campaigning, they shouldn't have to waste a second requesting that they be included in articles like this.

No contact information is listed for Greg Gordon (edit: thanks to an almost instant comment ggordon@mcclatchydc.com) in the online version of the article, but the Star Tribune needs to be held accountable for this failure. I would encourage all of you to write letters to the editor questioning the inconsistency. And if you can, write another check to the Tammy Lee campaign, even if the newspapers aren't going to talk about her fundraising she will still be allowed to spend the money to win the seat in November.


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