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Thursday, July 06, 2006

First Independence Party filers

I talked about both of these earlier in the week. Stephen Williams for US Senate and Bill Dahn for Senate district 64. Stephen Williams of course lost the endorsement to Robert Fitzgerald, but is clearly a competent guy he simply is not at the same level as Robert Fitzgerald. Williams will always have a place in the Independence Party.

Dahn is a completely different story, he is best known for his constant attacks and threats to Jesse Ventura for which Dahn still proudly acknowledges on his web site. I hope like heck an actual member of the Independence party runs in Senate District 64 so this jerk is not given a forum to continue to try to discredit and embarrass my party.


Anonymous J Wynia said...

I am still going through the paperwork before filing, but will file in the next few days for Brooklyn Center mayor as an Independence Party member.

I wrote it up at:


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