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Monday, July 10, 2006

parking tickets a political issue?

It's amazing that Parking tickets has became a relevent topic in the 5th congressional race, but Keith Ellison's blatent disrespect of the law is inexcusable. 40 parking tickets on it's own is pathetic, but Ellison takes his disrespect of the law much further by refusing to read the ticket and act upon the laws that are clearly printed on the ticket. Thats just plain disrespect of the law and his fellow citizens and should not be tolerated by the public.

We also find out he was late in filing his campaign finance report so he has a clear pattern of sloppines. It looks like he beat the deadline for filing for office so he isn't going away? This race looks like it's going to get more and more crazy, hopefully opening a larger and larger opening for Tammy Lee. The primary should end Ellison's campaign, but when the DFL primary voters (both Democrat and Republican activist) combine forces there is no stopping him from moving on to the general election.


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