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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Dump Michele Bachmann

I usually don't directly attack members of other parties, as for the most part I see the good with the bad, and can respect what they do. In the case of Bachmann I could easily tolerate her social policy given I do like her fiscal policy, except for two things. She is an ineffective legislator even on issues where the public is strongly behind her, and she bends the rules to the point where she feels the public needs to pay for her cable so she can watch a few city council meetings, or will have her campaign staff shadow her opponents in parades. The only reason Michele Bachmann gets away with these cheap tricks is because she is a women, and very few people are willing to challenge a women the way they would challenge a man.

We are on the verge of electing the worst of the worst in Michele Bachmann, and Keith Ellison. Two people that show very little respect for others, are ineffective legislators, and who will absolutely have their fingers crossed behind their back as they take the oath of office. What I wouldn't give to instead elect Patty Wetterling and Alan Fine, or John Binkowski and Tammy Lee, and not only have leadership in Washington, but also respect of law.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why would you rather see Wetterling and Fine over Binkowski and Lee?

Blogger Tony said...

Bachmann gets away with it NOT because she is a womam, but because her party will not stand up against the wrong within the party.


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