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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The 5 greatest thing you can do

The 5 greatest things you can do for the Independence Party.

1. Give, be it time or money the party and candidates need your support. The Political Contribution Refund program provides you an opportunity to give the first $50 to any state candidate or party unit with a full refund. Candidates are marching in parades now on a weekly basis and want everyone they can get to march with them, office volunteer hours are in high demand, heck even if your not going to commit to an hour of labor head to an office, do a little work tell a few jokes and keep the spirits high.

2. Letters to the newspaper and media outlets each and every time they fail to mention Independence Party endorsed candidates in instances they mention both the DFL and Republican endorsees.

3. Get a T shirt or bumper sticker promoting Independence Party candidates and wear them proud. The more support people see for the party the easier it will be to get them on board.

4. If your a college student make sure you have a Independence Party student organization on campus. If not do the paper work and file one and get it started early this fall, you won't have to make a major commitment as other students will likely take charge once you get things started.

5. Vote Independence party. Vote in the primary vote for all IP endorsed candidates, vote in November again for all endorsed IP candidates. By voting Robert Fitzgerald or Tammy Lee you help support Peter Hutchinson and vice versa. This is more then a bunch of candidates, this is a movement, and that is best demonstrated by all candidates fairing well.


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